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How do I keep my wellness while working?

Maintaining your wellness at work can take some work! Work can be meaningful, fun, and interesting. Work can also bring stresses. Developing resilience to those stresses, and some stress hardiness (Maddi, et al., 2013) will be helpful as you work. There are lots of ways that people keep their wellness while working. You may want to experiment and see which strategies work best for you.

The Copeland Center and colleagues at the Appalachian Consulting Group have created a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) for Work, and provides a way for people to add to their personal WRAP Plan by thinking through and documenting elements of what things are like when you are feeling good at work, how you can keep work going well (maintenance), identify triggers and warning signs that things aren’t going as well, know and manage when things are starting to break down, and recovering from the crisis and learning from the experience.  Working through the questions and prompts in a WRAP for Work may help some people think through how to stay well at work, and how to manage if things get harder, or even very difficult to manage at work.

Part of maintaining wellness at work is thinking through how to keep up your healthy habits while adding in a new life activity like working.  When adding in new, and potentially stressful activities, people and places, it may be important to keep doing the things that keep us well, and to add some more (Copeland Center). Remember, our stress may be going up, not down, so don’t reduce your wellness strategies, increase them if you can.  For people who are working in shifts, maintaining wellness can be challenging, but not impossible.  There are different challenges for people trying to maintain wellness in office settings.  But wellness isn’t only up to you – your workplace may be unhealthy, or may need a wellness program.


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