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Keeping Work

What does “supports for work” mean?

Supports are the people, places, things, and activities that boost your confidence and capacity to participate in meaningful activities such as work. The categories below have been described in curricula developed at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

  • People
    Certain people, at your place of work, such as a coworker or a supervisor, can be part of your support system. These people can offer you resources, emotional support, or direction. Getting help from these people can support you having a successful career. People supports for work can also be people outside of the work arena who support you as you keep work. This support system can include family, friends, clergy, neighbors, and childcare professionals.
  • Place
    Place supports for work are those settings that support you in your work endeavors. These places can be spaces at work, your car (if that’s part of the job), or any other work space that you find supportive. They may also include places outside of the work area. These include: a local park to take a walk in when you’re stressed, your home, place of worship, or local library. These places may support your success and satisfaction with work in different ways.
  • Things
    Things that support work are items that serve as resources for you either inside or outside of work. These items can include computers, alarm clocks, a calendar to help you keep appointments, or a smartphone that can help you set reminders.
  • Activities
    Activities that support work are the things that you do that boost your success and satisfaction at work, and they, too, can be at work or outside of work. Exercise, sleeping well, talking to a friend or a supervisor, and meditation are all examples of activities that can support you in work.

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