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Keeping Work

How do I know what supports I will need in the workplace?

Supports are the people, places, things, and activities that support you to be successful and satisfied at work.  Figuring out the supports you will need, or do need, in the workplace may require some thought and some perspective.

Do some thinking.

  • Take stock of the supports you have.  How do they help you?  Do your supports work together (i.e., the people)? Do they feel like enough support for you to feel satisfied and successful at work?
  • Where do you think there are “holes” in your support system?
  • What people, places, things, and activities do you think might support you in ways you don’t have now?

Get some perspective.

  • Ask supervisors, friends, family, whoever you think will have an important perspective on your support needs, what they think you have, and still need.

Self-Directed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Activities: a workbook that allows you, with or without a supporter, to work through thinking through, choosing, getting into, and keeping a valued role, including developing supports.

Vocational Empowerment Photovoice:  A peer-led class that puts cameras and workbooks into the hands of people looking to increase their motivation for working.  Includes section on Vocational Supports and Services.

Work Support
The purpose of the Virginia Commonwealth University Rehabilitation Research & Training Center (RRTC) is to identify effective supports for assisting individuals with disabilities to maintain employment & advance their careers.

Where am I in my employment journey?