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How can I strengthen my supports so I can be successful?

Strengthening your supports is a matter of taking the supports that you have and getting from them the amount of support that you need, as well as the types of support that will get you what you need.

  • Amount of support
    You might have a little support, but not enough to really support your success, such as bus money at the beginning of the month, but not at the end.  Strengthening the amount of a support may take some creativity, such as putting your money into a bus pass for the whole month, or asking for rides as the month gets long.
  • Kinds of support
    There are different kinds of support, such as practical support like bus fare or childcare, and emotional support like someone listening when you’ve had a tough day.
  • Working Together
    Sometimes needing support is a matter of educating supporters or getting your supporters to work together. Getting your supports to be coordinated around you and what you (and perhaps your family) want may be key to your success. Working toward educating your supporters about not only what you want from work, but how you are going about doing it may help you win additional support from your team.

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