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How do I make the most of my strengths?

If you’re asking yourself this question, you know that you want to capitalize on what you can do for your success and satisfaction on the job.  Making the most of your strengths on the job is a strategy that can help you to be both successful and happy at the job, and may help you keep the job longer.  Making the most of your strengths is using the strengths you have, and building the ones you don’t.

Using your strengths

Your strengths come from:

  1.  What you know:  Consider the knowledge you have, what you know about how to do your job, and what you know outside of the job, that may help you on the job.  Plan to use the information you already have to help you keep your job.  Share that information with supervisors, and use your knowledge to do your job well.
  2. What you know how to do:  What you know how to do refers to the skills you have.  You can look at the section on skills here.  Skills may be out in the open and easy to find such as Greeting customers or Changing Oil, or they might be hidden, and harder to see, such as Asking for more work when you’re done, or cleaning up after yourself after lunch.  Or you may have skills that you like to do to make you more successful, that your employer doesn’t care if you do or not, such as bringing your own lunch, or clearing your desk at the end of the day.  Use the skills that you have to your advantage, and get better and better at them.
  3. The supports you have:  Supports are the people, places, things, and activities that support our success and satisfaction.  Supports can be strengths too, in that they can help you do well and feel happy on the job.  To make the most of your supports, take stock of them.  Make a list.  Think about how you can use your supports to help you in your job.  Think about any that you don’t have, and look at how to gather them.  Ask your people supports to be part of your success in keeping your job.
  4. Who you are:  We don’t often think about this, but who you are, the qualities that make you you, are part of your strengths package.  You might be kind, or thoughtful, or careful, or methodical, or a hard worker, or outspoken, or soft-spoken, or persistent.  These things may make up part of what makes you successful on the job.  Be you on the job.  Bring your whole self, and figure out how what you have to offer will help your employer, and help you meet the expectations of the job


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