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Keeping Work

How do I know if it’s time to leave my job?

These days, in many occupations, it’s unusual to stay in a job for life.  Instead, people often work various jobs, sometimes in a few different careers, over the course of a lifetime.  In other words, it is pretty common for people to change jobs.  People change jobs for various reasons: to make more money, to try out different jobs or tasks, to move up “the ladder,” or because they are looking for something more interesting or something they are better at.

If things are not going well at your job, you have a few options.  You can work on your Skills, adding Supports, or Requesting Accommodations in order to be more successful and satisfied.  If you think that it’s not worth working on Keeping the job, then you may want to leave before things get bad at work.  Sometimes, when you are dissatisfied and things are not going well, it may be time to make a change (Farkas, et al., 2000). Deciding to make a change may be half of leaving well. Deciding to make a change means that you can Think about what’s next, and plan for leaving your job well.

Where am I in my employment journey?