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How do I know what kind of accommodations I need?

The kind of accommodation you need will depend on how your disability interferes with your work on the job. This can be called a functional limitation.  For example, someone who uses a wheelchair who can’t easily access the desks in her office may request that the desk be raised. Another example is a person who takes medications that makes their mouth so dry that it’s hard to work may find that they work better if they are allowed to have water at their station.  A student with a trauma history or anxiety may find that sitting near the door may lessen the anxiety so that they can concentrate on the lesson.

There are lots of ways to understand what accommodations are possible.  For example, you can consider the different types of accommodations, such as adjusting work schedules, allowing job coaches, and restructuring the job.  In addition, you can think about it in terms of which potential accommodations work for the condition you have.  The following are some example sites that offer information according to type of diagnosis:


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