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Where can I look for jobs?

If you work with an Employment Specialist, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Job Coach, or Vocational Peer Supporter, he or she may be able to help give you direction on how and where to do a job search.  You have a choice about whether or not to work with an employment professional, and can work on your own to look for jobs.

  • One option is to utilize America’s Job Center resources, or consult internet websites on employment in your area.
  • The federal government is dedicated to hiring people with disabilities. If you are interested in working for the federal government, consider talking to a representative from the agency you’re interested in about the government’s Schedule A approach to hiring persons with disabilities into federal jobs.  You may also  contact an Agency Selective Placement Program Coordinator. If you are interested in working for a federal contractor, the US government has created supports to bring more people with disabilities into the workforce.  A contractor is an agency that is paid by the federal government to do a particular job.  Also, the new Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act requires a 7% minimum of persons with disabilities in the contractor workforce, meaning that there may be a push to hire people with disabilities.
  • There are also other federal resources for jobs such as the President’s Special Employment Initiative for Veterans which is focused on hiring veterans into civilian federal employment.  In the year 2014, the percentage of veterans hired into civilian employment rose to over 33.2%.

Recommended Job Search Sites:

https://biginterview.com/blog/2014/10/best-job-search-sites.html If you need more direction on where to look,  here is a website that list 50 job search sites. Some of the most well known sites include Monster.com, Indeed.com, and Linkedin.com.


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