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Can career fairs really help me get a job?

Job fairs or Career Fairs can be great resources because they connect the job seeker directly to a range of employers in your area, all under one roof.  Sometimes job seekers will attend a Job Fair with a vocational professional or employment specialist in order to learn the best way to use the Job Fair and to prepare for it.  The links below may give you some ideas about job fairs. Look for local opportunities through service programs, in the news, and online.

  • Targeted Job Fairs This company hosts job fairs catering to technology, engineering, & security-cleared professionals in the United States.
  • Job Fair Tips This article from About.com overviews how to find job fairs & goes over some career fair tips.
  • How to Prepare for a Job Fair This excellent YouTube video teaches us how to prepare for a job fair with specific tips and strategies that can set us up for success.


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