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How should I prepare for an interview?

Preparing for an interview is a matter of anticipating questions that the employer will ask, and preparing both answers to those questions and questions of your own for the employer.

Anticipating interview questions is thinking through, and practicing answers to commonly asked interview questions.  The employer wants to know if you will fit in to their company culture as well as whether you can do the job, so do your homework and research what the company does and what is important to them.

You may also want to think about questions that the employer may have about you in particular.  Anticipate questions about any employment gaps in your resume, interesting jobs you may have had, and any unique qualifications or experiences you have to offer.  Be thoughtful, earnest, and positive in your answers.  Remember that the employer is always asking trying to find out if you are right for the job, no matter what question is being asked.

It is a good practice to role play your interview with a vocational professional or someone who knows you well.  They will not ask the exact questions the employer will ask, but it will help you practice not only answers to potential questions but also you can practice greeting the employer, your handshake, and closing the interview in advance.  Pay special attention to questions you are most concerned about such as gaps in employment, issues about disability etc. The links below may give you some ideas about preparing for interviews.

  • Interview Questions and Answers: Search for the company you’re interviewing with and discover some real-life, company-specific interview questions from people who have gone through the process.
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