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What are my options?

Your vocational options are the workplaces, careers, and even educational/training programs that are possibilities for you.  We often think that where we work is up to the employer, but the truth is, you also have decisions to make.  When you are Choosing Work, researching your options can help you make a decision based on not only what is important to you, but also based on what is really out there.  If you are looking to start working on this on your own, here are some steps that you can take.

  • Identify any must-haves you want to consider, such as location, hours, type of work, issue-related (like disability-oriented, LGBT, peer-run, political, etc.), near the bus line, etc. (Cohen, et al., 1991).
  • Do some research.  So much information is available online these days.  You can find out not only what employers are out there, but what their mission is, what they do/ offer, and much more.  Below are some online options for finding out about job options and career options.  But don’t discount the power of talking with people in your network, or the network of your network (the people who know the people you know).  Talking to people who have had different kinds of jobs, or who have worked for employers that look interesting to you can be very informative. Another option is to visit businesses or organizations, go as a customer (such as with a retail business), or ask for an informational interview (SEE Who can share their work-related experiences with me?)


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