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How do I get real information about what jobs are like?

It is really important to get information that is as close as possible to the real place in which you might work.

For example, we can read about what it’s like to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant and get a lot of good information.  Yet, if you were to talk to a CNA, job-shadow a CNA, or even work in a place that employs CNA’s, you might get to know even more information.  The information you get will be more relevant to you, and may be more “real,” since it is an actual person, place, and experience.

Consider the following if you want to research your options:

  • What are you looking at?  Career options?  Job options?  School options?
  • Identify a few options that meet your criteria in things like location, offers the experience you’re looking for, $, etc.
  • Figure out how you’ll do your research: are you going to go online to find out more?  Talk to people in the environment?  Go there to visit or shadow someone?
  • Research what matters to you.  Take a look at your preferences, and find out what each option offers in relation to those preferences.
  • Track your research!  Keep track of your answers so you can compare your options later.


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