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Why is “identifying my preferences” important?

Choosing a job is about you;  it’s about picking a job that you want.  Many of us think we just need to get any job that will have us, but taking just any job may lead us to work in a job that we don’t like.

Identifying your preferences is a big part of Choosing the kind of work you might want to do.  Identifying your preferences is deciding what you are looking for in a work situation.  You may use these preferences later when researching your work options and when deciding on the job or career you want to get into.  Identifying your preferences can help you to think ahead of time about what works for you, and what you prefer in a work environment.  It will allow you to avoid working in jobs that don’t “fit” who you are at this point in your life.

Preferences themselves are considerations we use when making a decision. (Cohen, et al., 1991;Nicolellis et al, 2015).  They are what we think about and use when weighing different options against each other, like when choosing between two ice cream shops: we may consider which has tables inside, which one has soft-serve, or which one has the flavors we like the best.  We are likely to choose the shop that offers more of what we prefer over the other.  When we figure out our preferences when Choosing work, we do something similar: we identify what is important to us so that when it’s time to choose, we can pick the job setting that has the most to offer to us.

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