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What other resources exist to help me identify my preferences?

There are lots of resources that can help you figure out what kind of preferences you have, and what kinds of work you might want to do.  If you are looking for a workbook to help you figure out some of these things yourself:


  • My Career Story: is a workbook in which the job seeker tells his/her own career story.
  • Mass CIS: This is a tool for career and school counselors, job seekers, students and educators, providing information on: career assessment and planning, occupations, the labor market, outlook, and educational options. Tools that are needed to help people make better-informed career and school choices. (free in MA. but available from University of Oregon)

There are also resources in the community that can help you to figure out your Preferences, such as:

Vocational Rehabilitation
: a state and federally-funded employment service specifically for people with disabilities.

One Stops/America’s Job Centers
: Employment centers for all Americans, including people with disabilities.  This link will help you find local resources.

Certified Peer Specialists:  Peer supporters, including Certified Peer Support Specialists are people who have lived experience of recovery, with whom you can support each other’s recovery, including getting involved with employment.

Supported Employment: this website offers a description of SE and links to helpful resources for Supported Employment, a much-researched employment support model developed at Dartmouth College.

Clubhouses offer people membership and a work-ordered day, amongst other things. This link is to the international certifying body for Clubhouses, which gives good information about clubhouses and additional links.

There are online resources, too.  In particular, try:

O*NET:  O*NET is an online resource for people who want to Choose the right kind of job for their preferences, skills, and experience.  An interactive website, people can explore, research, and gather information at their own pace.

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