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How will my disability affect identifying my preferences?

Your diagnosis may or may not affect this process at all. The first thing is to get to know yourself. Learn what you are good at and not good at given your diagnosis/disability. Learn what you like and don’t like. For some people, the disability may have changed things quite a bit, and you may have to get to know who you are as a worker in a new way. You may need new experiences with work to see what you are still good at, what you are good at now that you weren’t good at before, and what you like and dislike now.

Remember that some things may have changed – you are older than you were before (even if “before” was last month), you have learned new things, and you may know more about yourself now. Take stock of what works for you now if you can.

You may want to ask loved ones and people you respect what they know about you and your preferences. You may want to ask them if and how they think the disability is interacting with your Preferences. They may have an interesting perspective. Depending on your culture and your family, you may want to involve the clergy, and/or friends in the decision-making.

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