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How can I make sure I am doing something that makes me happy?


They say that if you find something to do that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.  In other words, finding work that makes you happy feels less like work and more like doing something you love to do.

Not everyone has the opportunity to do work that makes them happy. Work can be a lot of work! But most of us are more happy with our jobs if they fit who we are, what we like to do, and fit our lives in some way. For example, a mom with school-age kids may want a job nearby, or one with early morning hours. A young person who is a night-owl might want a job that starts later and goes into the night. A creative person may want a job that allows them to create, and someone who is not a book-learner may want a job that allows them to work with their hands.
If you are interested in working on your preferences in order to try to find a job or career that is likely to make you happy, then you can get more specific with the list of preferences you’ve created (Cohen, et al., 1991).
  • Review your list of Preferences
  • Define your Preferences: ask yourself what you mean by each Preference, and what you would see if the Preference was being met by the job or career. For example:
    • Example of a Job Preference, defined: Supportive Supervisor – A supportive supervisor would be one who would give me work to do, leave me to do it, and then give me both positive and negative feedback.
    • Example of a Career Preference, defined: Working with my Hands – would mean that most of the work in this profession would require me to learn by doing, and keep me busy with physical work.


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