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The Repository of Employment & Vocational Recovery Resources (REVR) is an online archive of employment materials with a specific focus on vocational recovery. This site is designed for a variety of users including persons with lived experience; peer support personnel; employers; families of people with mental health conditions; administrators & providers of vocational rehabilitation, the Social Security Administration, mental health & employment organizations.


The site also is useful for advocacy groups in their work to create more vocational recovery-oriented systems. The site provides readily obtainable, relevant information vital to the employment & vocational recovery process. Subjects covered include gaining employment, stories of success & inspiration,  the issue of disclosure,  peer support, & retaining employment. Links, PDF files, videos, & full articles can be found on this site.



“Person First” language is used throughout this site. A variety of terms, however, have been deliberately employed to reflect the wide diversity of ways of referring to the topic & the people involved. For example, the words “individuals with lived experience,” “people in recovery,” “individuals with psychiatric disabilities,” “individuals with psychiatric conditions,” “people with mental illnesses,” & “individuals with behavioral health conditions” are all terms that have been used. For example, the term “individuals with behavioral health conditions” typically includes individuals with substance use challenges. The terms “individuals with psychiatric disabilities” typically does not include this group. While all terms have slightly different connotations, for the purposes of this site, they are used almost interchangeably.


Stories of Vocational Recovery


Note: This site is a work in progress & is constantly being updated & expanded. Suggestions for additional information are welcome.

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