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Resources here provide video stories of success & inspiration as well as additional methods of building relationships with clients & colleagues within the field.


“Gifts and Possibilities


Denise Bissonnette explains the importance of “possibility thinking” in her approach to job development – helping job seekers to see beyond their perceived limitations, to discover their own unique gifts, and to open their worlds to new possibilities.



“Job Development vs. Job Placement


Denise Bissonnette explains how, in helping others to find their place in the workforce, the concept of “job development” differs from the “job placement” approach.



“Working with Employers


Denise Bissonnette, focusing on the example of job seekers with disabilities, explains her conviction that job developers should engage employers in a “partnership” relationship



“Entrepreneurial Job Development


Denise Bissonnette explains how “entrepreneurial” job development departs from traditional approaches to job development… and how it enhances a job seeker’s opportunity for success in employment and career development.



“The Employment Proposal”


Denise Bissonnette gives a brief overview of one of the cornerstone strategies in her approach to entrepreneurial job development – “The Employment Proposal”.



“We Can Work: Our Stories of Recovery & Employment Success”


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The importance of Face2Face contact instead of just making a call or sending an email to build trust & relationships.



“3 Faces, 3 Lives”


Linking a Vocational Rehabilitation agency with a mental health agency to help people find jobs.



“Interview With Lyn Legere”


This is an interview with Lyn Legere who currently provides training and consultation on a national scale regarding training and certification of Peer Specialists.  She shares her own vocational recovery story as well, which is very inspiring.