Resources Regarding

Vocational Rehabilitation


These resources explain vocational recovery & how it is achievable.


PDF: Beyond the Myths About Job Retention

These workshop slides, based on several research studies, discuss job retention myths among those with psychiatric disabilities as well as how different levels of vocational recovery were achieved, including for those with professional & managerial aspirations.


PDF: Factors Determining Vocational Recovery

The purpose of this paper is to explore the capacity with which those with psychiatric disabilities can overcome dysfunction in order to work.


Substance Use Disorders & Vocational Rehabilitation

The Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor deskguide covers a range of topics to guide counselors in helping  consumers  in recovery retain & maintain employment.


SAMHSA/CSAT Integrating Substance Abuse Treatment & Vocational Services

This resource is Treatment Improvement Protocol #38 that presents a fundamental rethinking of the importance of integrating vocational services into substance abuse treatment planning. The practice of incorporating employment related goals & interventions as a routine practitioner activity is a best practice. The protocol details guidelines for use by providers.


PDF: A Primer on the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Process

William A. Anthony & Marianne D. Farkas have composed this primer in hopes of clearing up confusion surrounding the process of psychiatric rehabilitation. Its intended audience includes consumers, practitioners, supervisors, trainers, program & system administrators, researchers, & funders. Psychiatric rehabilitation processes & providers skills can be integrated with any program model to assist people in choosing, getting, & keeping work.


PDF: Compendium of Activities for Assessing & Developing Readiness for Rehabilitation Service

These activities for assessing & developing a person’s desire to participate in rehabilitation services are designed for use with persons with long-term psychiatric disabilities in psychiatric centers or outpatient settings (e.g., continuing day treatment & intensive psychiatric rehabilitation treatment programs) & can be helpful for those individuals who are not, as yet, even considering work.


Resources Regarding Supported Employment

Supported employment can help people in recovery achieve their employment goals. These materials & resources explain how.