Information Specific to

Serving People with

Psychiatric Disabilities/

Behavioral Health Conditions


This section includes employment interventions, models, approaches, & other information specific to serving individuals with psychiatric disabilities/behavioral health conditions.


Meaningfulness in work – Experiences Among Employed Individuals with Persistent Mental Illness

Leufstadius, C., Eklund, M., & Erlandsson, L. K. (2009). Meaningfulness in work–Experiences among employed individuals with persistent mental illness. Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation, 34(1), 21-32.

The aim of this study was to investigate how people with SMI experience & describe the meaningfulness of employment.


Intentional Care

Intentional Care is a set of Performance Standards developed by Advocate’s Inc. & Patricia E. Deegan, Ph.D. that help bridge the gap between the principles of recovery & their real-world applications as they apply to direct service staff & their supervisors.


Book: No One is Unemployable

Using No One is Unemployable effectively, career professionals & their clients can meet employment barriers head-on & develop effective strategies to overcome them, redefine them, & &/or turn them into job-search assets.


Accommodating Veteran Employees With Mental Health Issues

This report provides resources for those involved in the employment of veteran employees who suffer from combat-related mental illness.


PDF: Photovoice

Using photography & writing, Photovoice gives a voice to an underrepresented portion of the community. This empowering tool is commonly used at BU’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation & is apart of a randomized clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of a peer-run Photovoice-based intervention.


Recovery & The Conspiracy of Hope

In this lecture, Pat Deegan discusses the importance of hope & continued optimism in serving individuals with psychiatric disabilities.


International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD)

ICCD helps communities around the world create ICCD Clubhouses, which are community centers that give people with mental illnesses hope & opportunities to reach their full potential. Clubhouses include a “work ordered” day which provide opportunities for people to explore their vocational interests while being supported in doing volunteer & paid work.


Addiction Center

This resource center provides information on alcohol, tobacco, illicit and prescription drug addictions. Additionally, they maintain connections with hundreds of treatment centers across the United States.


Courses, Webinars, & Toolkits

Here, providers can find materials dedicated to continuing education within the field of psychiatric rehabilitation.


Resources Regarding Vocational Rehabilitation

Discover how vocational rehabilitation is a feasible goal for people in recovery.


Resources Regarding Supported Employment

Supported employment can help people in recovery achieve their employment goals. These materials & resources explain how.


Resources Regarding Supported Education

Explore these materials to find out more about supported education & how it can help people in recovery.


Resources Regarding Peers & Peer Support

Discover how peer provided services can help persons in recovery.