Benefits & Financial Programs


These programs can assist providers in helping their clients through technical assistance, resources, & services focused on topics ways to improve personal finances & programs that provide government entitlements & other forms of support. 


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Employment & Training Component

This U.S. Department of Agriculture program provides funding to states & subsequently to employment service agencies to provide employment assistance to food stamp-eligible individuals.


Ticket to Work Recruitment & Outreach

This site provides information for beneficiaries, employment networks, & other stakeholders. It includes archived information from the 2009 Ticket to Work Mental Health Summit held in New Orleans.


SAMHSA/CSAT Integrating Substance Abuse Treatment & Vocational Services

This resource is Treatment Improvement Protocol #38 that presents a fundamental rethinking of the importance of integrating vocational services into substance abuse treatment planning. The practice of incorporating employment-related goals & interventions as a routine practitioner activity is a best practice.