Funding Sources for

Employment Services


Funding employment services for people with disabilities is a critical topic on the minds of administrators, program managers, & planners.


U.S. Department of Education: Rehabilitation Services Administration Grants

The Rehabilitation Services Administration provides an array of discretionary grants & other funding opportunities to serve individuals with disabilities & their families.


PDF: 2011 Federal Financing of Supported Employment & Customized Employment for People with Mental Illnesses: Final Report

This report details ways in which employment services can be financed by different Federal programs.


U.S. Department of Labor Grants

This page provides information about the various grants available through the Department of Labor.


Projects With Industry (PWI)

This program aims to provide individuals with disabilities with competitive job opportunities through the involvement of industry partners in the vocational rehabilitation process. Grantees provide job development services, which includes training to prepare the individual for the workforce.