Thinking About Work


What impact will work have on the family?

When one person in the family changes, other members tend to change as well (Goldenberg). Especially when the family member in recovery is living at home or has close family ties. At first, the worker may feel a great deal of stress which can spread throughout the family. Over time the worker may find meaning and enjoyment in work so stress decreases. The new meaning and energy can be shared with your family and be a source of pride.
Changes in the workplace can cause some stress. Each time an employee advances in life, there can be a return to previous “crisis” behaviors. For example: Depression, Isolation, Headaches, Panic or other symptoms. These incidents can happen when the employee meets a job challenge and feels anxious about it (McCrory). The worker is responding to new experience, but it is a temporary setback. Much like everyone else who has a job, the worker and the family have to adjust at each turn of events.
The employed person has to be able to cope with new demands and be flexible. It can also mean greater independence for the worker. In some cases it might mean that the individual can move on to his/her own place, or take on another new goal.
Employment can also help glue the family together. It may even reduce many of the burdens placed on other family members. This often happens once everyone understand the relationship between earnings and benefits.

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