Thinking About Work


What supports might we need to know about in the early stages of the employment journey

Typically the supports for work would include professionals who can:

  • Help the family member assess their strengths, interests, and limitations.
  • Help them determine what type of work or work environment would be a match.
  • Help decide if education or training is needed to reach the intended goal. (Leonard)
  • Help the family member maintain wellness, stay healthy while working. (Dixon)
  • Match the individual to suitable jobs in the community.
  • Help the person to acquire any specific job-related resources such as uniforms, bus passes, or car repairs.
  • Teach the person skills and help find resources to maintain employment and manage money.
  • Help in overcoming specific barriers to employment either in the individual or in the community. (Boston University)
  • Help in determining what resources are available and accessible to pursue your family member’s goal. (Mental Health America)

The supports for work might also include a professional peer (another person in recovery trained to help). This person can help with inspiration, motivation or information. (Temple University)

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