Thinking About Work


How can we offer “nag-free” and ongoing support for work goals?

Nonjudgemental support for work goals by both family members and team staff is very beneficial for the job seeker. This is perhaps the most important thing the family can do to help with a successful job experience. Families can provide hope even when the family member may feel hopeless. The presence of support can be a reminder to the individual that they come before their diagnosis. Families can also help individuals learn skills that will make their work environment less stressful. This includes starting conversations, organizational strategies, and more. Families must be aware that they can act as a barrier by reinforcing stigma and adding stress when not being supportive. (Aldersey).
Family education programs, such as National Alliance on Mental Illness’ Family to Family program, or evidence-based Family Psychoeducation, available through many mental health providers around the U.S., can help to reduce family stress through better understanding of the impact of mental illness on the individual and on the family.

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