Thinking About Work


Are there potential risks?

There are risks for persons in mental health recovery but many of those risks are similar to those anyone would have in accepting employment. Transitional stress is associated with any important change such as new apartment, new relationship, new job. (Sykes) There can be any number of stressors in employment such as lack of support, ”effort-reward” imbalance or other stresses for which the employee is not fully prepared. (Stansfeld; Siegrist)

The employee can have a good job match but it still takes time and additional skills to find ways to deal with the stress. Sometimes there is a wrong match, and if that is the case, a professional Employment Specialist or Rehabilitation Counselor may be able to help your family member figure out what went wrong. They may be able to prepare for the next job with new awareness, new skills or a better match. The best way to find the elements of the right match for an individual is to get a job and see what work tasks, job environment, type of supervision, or company policies work or do not work. Teaching the worker specific “soft skills” (such as interpersonal skills, manners, time management , stress management) (Robles) can help to prevent future problems. In each job there are specific skills needed to do well in the culture of that job setting.

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