Thinking About Work


Are there potential risks to employment?

There is the risk that job might not be the right match and the person will feel the experience was a failure. It may be that the person was not sufficiently prepared for work and needs to re-evaluate what is needed to make it work or may experience some transitional or short term stress. For these reasons the Employment Specialist and the team of people who support the individual should try to identify those elements which are most likely to cause difficulties (in advance) and set up a plan to deal with them.

More importantly, there is serious risk is to unemployment. The longer the person is unemployed, the harder it is to get a job. Long term unemployment is associated with depression, poverty, substance abuse, feelings of worthlessness, self pity and despair. (Marrone & Golowka) In the case of long term unemployment it is likely that the person will not live a healthy lifestyle. Unemployment can also lead to isolation – the enemy of mental health.

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