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Social Security Work Incentives

A number of policies are built into the Social Security system to encourage people to work. These are some of the work incentives worth exploring to help maximize income:

  • Students with disabilities age 22 and under can reduce the amount of funds deducted from disability checks if students are working.

For more information on any of these work incentives, please see the SSA Red Book, the links below, contact your local SSA offices.

Work Incentives That Go With the Ticket to Work Program

This resources explains how Work Incentives allow one to keep his/her benefits. It also explains how participating in Ticket to Work affects one’s medical and Social Security benefits.


Spotlight on Plan to Achieve Self Support – 2015 Edition

Social Security’s website with quick facts about PASS and how to set it up


Cornell University – PASS Online

This website contains the basic information about a Plan to Achieve Self Support. It also includes a PASS application form, sample answers, and helpful hints that will help users finish the application.


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