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Veterans Benefits

In the veteran’s systems the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) evaluates the extent of disability and whether the condition is service connected for calculating benefits. The VBA may look at whether or not the veteran is able to work for twelve consecutive months. As always, there are many rules & factors to consider in these calculations.

Similarly, numerous factors determine the impact of work on veterans’ benefits. We have developed a separate fact sheet to better describe what happens when veterans go to work.

VA Fact Sheet

Explore information about veterans benefits and healthcare through this fact sheet.


Health Benefits from the VA

Learn about the different health care benefits available through the VA, and how to access them.


Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors

Find out more about the federal benefits available to veterans and their dependants through this guide created by the VA.


Guide to VA Mental Health Services for Veterans and Families

This brochure is a shorter, simpler version of the VA’s latest mental health handbook. It provides guidelines for VA hospitals and clinics across the US. The VA designed this version for use by the general public.


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