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Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

If someone is on SSI and working, the total income will be greater than if on SSI alone. Social Security Administration (SSA) considers a portion of the income the employee earns when calculating the SSI check. Only when your family member’s earnings are sizable, would the SSI check be discontinued.
There are a number of incentives such as the Plan to Achieve Self Support, that can help your family member increase his/her usable income.
The real goal should be to increase usable income, not necessarily to preserve benefits. These are two different things.

Wage Reporting Fact Sheet for SSA Disability Beneficiaries

This fact sheet provides information on what happens to your family member’s SSI when s/he returns to work. It also provides information on where and when to report to the Social Security Administration.


2016 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) WORK RULES

This document provides an overview of SSI work rules for 2016. It has been posted with permission from the creator, Disability Law Center, Inc.


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