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Social Security Disability (SSDI)

SSDI has a work incentive called Trial Work Period in which the person tests out the ability to work for at least 9 months (in a 60 month period). During a trial work period, the worker receives full benefits regardless of how much the earnings. Work has to be reported and the person must continue to have a disability. In 2015, a trial work month is any month the total earnings are over $780.

There is another work incentive called Extended Period of Eligibility. This allows another 36 months to work and get benefits for any month the earnings are not over $1090.00.

Wage Reporting Fact Sheet for SSA Disability Beneficiaries

This fact sheet provides information on what happens to your family member’s SSI when s/he returns to work. It also provides information on where and when to report to the Social Security Administration.


SSDI Overpayments: What Your Can Do When Social Security Claims That You Were Paid Too Much SSDI

This downloadable booklet discusses your rights when the Social Security Administration (SSA) tells you that they have paid you too much SSDI money and asks you to pay the money back. It has been posted with permission from the creator, Disability Law Center, Inc.


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