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Is transportation an issue with job retention?

Transportation is frequently essential to job retention.

If your family member lives in an area where public transportation can get him/her to work, that is excellent. Often there are resources/people who can teach someone with a disability how to use the public transportation, including the public transport company itself (RTA). Sometimes friends or family can be the teachers.

Public transportation that is complex and lengthy can exhaust the family member and in those situations, there might need to be some compromises such as getting help for part of the distance and taking the bus/subway the rest of the way.

In some cities throughout the U.S. there is paratransit (DOT) for the disabled and this can include people with mental health conditions. Vehicles will pick up and deliver riders in towns where there is public transportation but it is not accessible to someone due to the disability. Usually a fee is charged that is lower than a taxi would be. These arrangements are not without problems (e.g. vehicle is late, forgets someone, or the ride is extremely long due to the multiple riders) but for some people, the paratransit is an invaluable resource.

Car pools are another possibility and this would generally be through the employer although the internet may have sites that can be tapped for carpooling. In certain seasons and locations, employees can get to work by walking or bicycling (or even skateboarding for the younger generation).

If travel training is needed, the individual should discuss it the Employment Specialist or Case Manager if one exists.

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