Keeping a Job


What about the need for ongoing tangible support, emotional support?

Consumers benefit from the expertise their families bring to the process, their commitment to their welfare, and the personal family networks that lead to job opportunities.

– 26th Institute on Rehabilitation Issues

Families may need to be available periodically or continuously to help ensure the job is retained.
People in recovery do not typically move to complete independence very quickly. Although independence may be the goal, it is generally reached by taking deliberate steps rather than leaps. The emotional support is needed long term and practical support may continue to be needed, depending on the circumstances. Your family member might need help with using the computer, completing tax returns, or even for looking for a new job when the current one is no longer working out.
For those whose families are no longer available to them, sometimes the workplace becomes another family and the emotional and practical needs are fulfilled in the “work family.”

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