Keeping a Job


How do I help my family member prepare for stress problems on the job?

Before beginning a job it is a good idea for the person to ask ›questions such as:

  • What is likely to make me feel stressed on the job?
  • What are my best (past) techniques for managing stress?
  • What do I do when I feel stressed about something at work?
  • How can I build my stress hardiness so that when “trouble comes my way” I am prepared?

You can help your family member reflect on these questions and think about the answers, maybe keep a journal of what is causing stress and what is helping to relieve stress.
The following three attitudes about stress hardiness can make a difference in whether one can maintain hardiness. Your family member can discuss these attitudes with his/her Employment Specialist or Job Coach and think of ways to strengthen them:

  1. The Commitment attitude leads people to strive to be involved in ongoing activities and events, rather than feeling isolated.
  2. The Control attitude leads people to work towards outcomes, rather than lapse into powerlessness.
  3. The Challenge attitude views stress related changes, whether positive or negative, as opportunities for new learning. (Maddi)


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