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How does our family member seek workplace accommodations that tailor the job itself or the job environment?

If an employee or potential employee feels that they need adjustments to the job, the work environment, or the supports at work, s/he can apply to the employer for workplace accommodations as described in the Americans With Disabilities Act and its amendments. Some very small employers may be excluded from the law on accommodations, but most employers are required to make these adjustments.
Families can help their employed member to know the law and to prepare the request for accommodations. They can also help, if needed, to get documentation from clinicians who treat the family member.
The employee actually requests the accommodations (specific ones) and provides medical documentation of a disability that imposes limits to their work functioning. This does not mean that extensive information is provided by health care providers or that medical records are needed. It just means that a letter from a qualified clinician documents that the person has a disability and the implications for accommodations. (JAN)

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