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Are there methods and resources for saving money for future goals?

Employees can usually have portions of their pay which go directly into a savings or retirement account. In many states employees could utilize an Individual Development Account to save money and have it matched by federal and local agencies.

There are also many ways to obtain more inexpensive food (food stamps, food banks, co-ops); clothing (thrift shops, donations to programs; special shops that provide work clothing to low income people); automobiles (special programs for low income employed persons); tax programs and many other resources that help to stretch the dollar so that funds can be put away for future goals.

Your family member may benefit from this video on managing and saving money.


Individual Development Accounts By State

Learn more about IDAs and how these accounts vary from state to state.


Individual Development Accounts (IDA) and Plans to Achieve Self Support (PASS): Exploring the Opportunities

Includes information about IDA and PASS, as well as examples about how PASS affects one’s SSI benefits and a comparison of both IDA and PASS.


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