Keeping a Job


What if my family member loses a job?

The first thing is to determine what happened on the job that led to the person losing the job.This assessment can be really valuable in deciding what is the best match. Helping someone to really understand what happened in a negative job ending is one of the best ways in planning for the future.

If the problem was the job itself, a new evaluation of interests and abilities might be in order.

If the problem was related to relationships, social behavioral issues of others in the workplace, it would be time to examine that, perhaps practice some new skills.

Attendance or punctuality can be a problem for some people so this can be looked at and help to find a job situation that would accommodate the right schedule or the right supports for your family member.

“Different job situations, even the same job titles with different employers, have both similarities and differences. When a person with a mental illness loses a job, that person should not be precluded from seeking another job right away. The fact that the person was successful in becoming employed should be celebrated. At the same time, help the person understand what went awry and how it can be avoided in the future. The loss of a job can be a learning experience. Focus on what the individual learned about his/her strengths and abilities, and then use this knowledge to find a better job!” (ICI) In Supported Employment and other rehabilitation programs, any job experience is considered a valuable assessment tool that will lead to future job decisions.

In summary, losing a job is just one step closer to finding the right job. This is the kind of message you would want to give to your family members.

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