Keeping a Job


What if my family member does not like a job?

The first thing is to determine (or have someone else determine) with your family member is the reason for dissatisfaction with the job. For example, is it the job itself, the supervision or lack of it, the coworkers, the commute, pay or some other factor that is the problem?
Once that is determined, the team should consider with your family member whether the problems can be or should be resolved in some way – with or without support. If it does not appear that the problem can be resolved, the next step would be to consider what other job type, job location, job situation would be a better match and begin to work on finding a new job.
Sometimes training is needed for the person to find a satisfying job and those training options can be explored with the Rehabilitation Counselor from the VR agency, the Employment Specialist, or America’s Job Center.

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