Finding a Path to Employment


What should I do if my family member is put on a waiting list for employment services or a program which includes employment services?

In the case of a waiting list, be sure to do whatever is necessary to stay on the waiting list such as periodic phone calls, emails, or written notes to ensure a place.

Your family member could find out if there are actions which s/he can take during the wait period that would help to accelerate the process. These activities might include attending a job-related group, getting necessary reports to the agency, reading materials, doing some Self-Directed activities or finding someone in the chosen type of work to interview.

Do not give up because of the waiting list. In some states, collaborations form across agencies in order to help job seekers to get services more quickly rather than be on a waiting list (ICI).

In the meantime, your family member can participate in the activities that are in his/her wellness plan to minimize stress and increase health. Both of these goals can be an asset to the job seeker. Also, s/he can investigate the many online resources that relate to the fields of interest or to job development (Wright).

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