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Should we provide advice to our family member on selecting a goal?

One caution is to be careful not to “select” the “right” type of job or job setting for the family member or the “right” vocational resource. (see possible options below). If you are way off the mark, your family member might be offended or even angry when you give direct advice. (Plante)
It is helpful if you have or can direct your family member to find up-to-date information about local job markets. If you have employer contacts, share those as well – word of mouth is still the #1 way that people in general find work. Families do not have to be the Employment Specialists but can assist with personal contacts and support to the family member in his/her ability to make their own choices.
Families need to avoid the same errors sometimes made by professionals – that is to encourage taking “any job” without considering the person’s own goals or the right job “fit”. Sometimes you have very helpful information and the best you can do is present the information (in a neutral manner) as information, not advice.
It is always a delicate role to be parents of an adult! If you’re interested in a Supported Employment programs, please contact your state’s Department of Mental Health.

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