Finding a Path to Employment


What do we do if our family member seems to make vocational choices we do not think are good ones?

Along with the freedom to make choices comes the responsibility to make good choices; however, we all have the freedom to make mistakes or choices that are not in our best interests. Families can find it very difficult to see their loved ones in recovery making choices that are deemed not good for them. Keep in mind that people are much more receptive to ideas when they feel their own interests – (even “unrealistic” dreams) are part of the plan (Woolis).
In the world of employment, it is really helpful for the potential job seeker to get the best information about vocational choices and possible resources. Having very complete and accurate information helps your family member to make better choices. However, the vocational direction is his/her choice to make.The ability to make a choice may even be more important than the choice itself because it often takes many starts and stops to get through a vocational recovery process. Also, it is by our mistakes that we learn, and “next time” it will hopefully be a choice closer to the “right” one.
If you are worrying about the vocational choice your family member is making, keep in mind that “helping an individual take back a meaningful life requires supporting self-determination and, if necessary, actively creating opportunities and providing assistance to develop more experience in making informed choices. If a person cannot choose a specific type of role because he/she has not, for example, worked in many decades, a recovery oriented service would organize a variety of work experiences to help the individual figure out what his/her preferences might be.” (Farkas)

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