Finding a Path to Employment


What about Peer Support and role modeling at this stage?

Peer Support and role modeling during the choosing stage could be extremely helpful.
Working peers can be role models for others who are still struggling with employment. Your family member may still be ambivalent about working, but the Peer may help your family member to get past the ambivalence. The Peer can also provide helpful information, encouragement, and share a personal story of his/her own vocational choosing.
In order to find a peer professional, you might ask the Dept. of Mental Health or its providers, consult a peer run program, Peer Specialists, a Supported Employment program, a Clubhouse program, recovery program or contact the program in your state that trains peers to become providers. That agency is likely to know where Peers are working and if they are in your area.
If you’re interested in locating a peer provider, please call your state’s Dept. of Mental Health or check with training providers.

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