Finding a Path to Employment


What if my family member is a young person who has had supports but is leaving high school?

Young people in this 18-25 age group do have special challenges such as:

  • discontinuation of some of the services and structures that are no longer there
  • Inadequacy of the post high school supports and services in relation to the needs of this age group
  • disincentive of going onto public benefits
  • availability of substances that interfere with recovery
  • failure of systems to strongly support post secondary education training and employment
  • transportation shortfalls

Additionally, barriers related to psychiatric disability in young adults include:

  • denial
  • distrust
  • lack of self esteem
  • lack of confidence
  • stigma and discrimination
  • financial and transportation limitations
  • interpersonal difficulties (Ellison)

However, many public mental health authorities in the U.S. have developed specialized services for young people such as peer mentoring, peer counseling, case management, youth oriented housing, socialization and employment. These are just a few resources available nationally.

Hitting The Open Road After High School: How to Choose Your Own Adventure to Success

The National Collaborative on Workforce Development: created this free guide to help new grads plan their lives after high school.


Resources for Young Adults in Transition

Transitions collaborators have created this list of material from both inside and outside of the organization. Its content is for consumers, family members, mental health and social service providers, policy-makers, and advocates.


JAN’s “Bridging the Gap Across Transition”

This training module from Job Accommodation Network has a new, 18 minute, just-in-time training module designed to provide information for youth about their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as to help young people navigating their way from the school system to post-secondary education, training, or the world of work.


How to get stuff done when you are depressed

In this TED TALK, Jessica Gimeno talks about employment and growing up with depression and physical disabilities.


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