Achieving Employment Goals


My family member wants to find a job without professional services. What is my role?

Consumers benefit from the expertise their families bring to the process, their commitment to their welfare, and the personal family networks that lead to job opportunities.

– 26th Institute on Rehabilitation Issues

When someone chooses to direct his/her own vocational direction, it is called a “Self-Directed” vocational approach. The reason for this may be to avoid disclosure and to use available tools and resources to “find his/her own way”.
The Self Directed approach does not necessarily mean that the individual is a “Lone Ranger” rejecting all information or advice from others. S/he might call upon several people to help with decision making and a job search, but it does mean that s/he is doing a self-assessment and plan for achieving employment (without the assistance of a professional Employment Specialists or Rehabilitation Counselors).
Below are “Self Directed” tools worth mentioning because they provide some structure to the job seeker that helps him/her to organize their thoughts and also family members can work side by side with the job seeker to lay a foundation for action.

Even if your family member does not decide to be completely self- directed and has decided to forge ahead without an Employment Specialist or vocational program, you can always encourage the use of any tools that might help the person to pursue the chosen goal.

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