Achieving Employment Goals


We have a family business, but my family member doesn’t want to work there. What should I do?

If you have a family business the question to ask first is whether there is a real role/ job for your family member in the business, one that is meaningful. Then you could mention it as an option to your family member.
If there is some interest, have further discussions, be sure your family member visits and understands the nature of the business. Should there be no interest at all, your family member can pursue another employment option based on his/her interests, abilities and opportunities.
Lack of interest in the family business should not be interpreted as “rejection” of family, but may simply be lack of a good match. The individual’s choice and the individual’s definition of meaningful work is of the utmost importance. Robinson suggests there are three factors that make work meaningful:

  1. Autonomy: Being in control of our own choices
  2. Complexity: Being able to master new skills and improve
  3. Direct connection between effort and reward: Seeing the payoff—whether financial, spiritual, or other—of your work


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