Achieving Employment Goals


How can I help promote respect from the vocational provider for our whole family?

Be aware of the core principles and ethics of psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners including Employment Specialists as defined by the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Assn. (PRA) These are the values and practices that family members should come to expect. (Expect more – get more!)
One of the ways that family members and their loved ones can attain respect from those who provide services, is to be educated, not only about mental illness (such as one might learn in the Family to Family Program of NAMI as mentioned earlier) but also about employment services, evidence based practices and best practices that have been known to be helpful.
Recent research at the Veterans Administration found that including family members and persons in recovery in a joint training promoted successful outcomes. Providers who experience the success of their job seekers – due in part to the understanding and support of families – can more easily increase respect.

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