Achieving Employment Goals


What is family recovery?

With change in the family (member moving towards employment), it is a good time to consider support for the whole family, not just the “job seeker”. There may be new uncertainties, new challenges as the employment process unfolds.
Persons with mental health conditions go through a recovery process – including vocational recovery. At the same time, the other family members may be still recovering from the impact of the mental health problems of their family member. Family recovery, much like individual recovery, is a process of self-discovery, self-renewal, and transformation. Common stages for families include shock and disbelief; recognition; acceptance, coping, and then moving to advocacy.
Family recovery is often helped by good information and support particularly when in crisis and periods of loss and pain. The expertise and support of other families and empathy of hopeful professionals can promote recovery. (Farkas; Spaniol)

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