Achieving Employment Goals


What about family support when a person has supportive vocational services?

The family can remind the member and/or the vocational services program that they are available to provide moral or tangible support throughout the process. Families can offer to be part of the vocational team. Families can also keep up to date with the employment trends, and vocationally related resources in case their job seeking family member needs more or different services. When the person who is receiving services allows other family members to participate in the planning, to be part of them, there are some ways in which this can be especially valuable.
Family members who know the job seeker best can let the treatment team or the Employment Specialist know: the strengths, limitations and best ways to communicate. Emotional support and encouragement are important, even when the family member receiving services does not believe in him or herself. Emotional support and encouragement are also helpful when families are not allowed to be part of the employment services planning. Family members at times know a prospective employer and can help to make the connections or provide the information to the Employment Specialist.
There are creative approaches that family members can help to foster employment goals. One program in New Hampshire developed a team of family members to educate other families about the role of employment, the myths and facts, the resources and the benefits of employment (NAMI).

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