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What do we do if our family member has completed college but is at a plateau, not moving forward?

Sometimes people in recovery put a great deal of time and effort into an education or training program and then hit a plateau. They are not moving forward to find a job that has meaning to them or that uses the knowledge they have acquired. They may have attended college for 6 or more years, celebrated this accomplishment with friends and family and then hit a “block”.
In the general population of college graduates there is a similar phenomenon. One of the things that seems to help is to have an internship which provides a reference and a real world experience. (Adams)
Career counseling and job placement are services of most college and vocational training programs. It works best if the student is working with those services long before graduation.
State vocational rehabilitation programs may also have their own or contracted job services that can be tapped. If your family member is going to apply for those services, it is best that s/he apply for services about 6 months before graduation. There may be waiting lists.
Your family member may also want to enroll in one or more of the online job websites which provide daily lists of available jobs (e.g. Indeed or Monster). At this stage information about sources of job leads, help with applications, cover letters and interviews may be needed. Sometimes those supports were in place at a much earlier time but by the time of graduation, a refresher may be needed.
The world of work changes frequently so the job seeker may need to update information and rehearse some of the important skills. During this time of waiting, be patient and try to listen.

Job Search Sites

If your family member needs more direction on where to look, we have compiled this list of job search sites.


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