Workplace Inclusion


Integration into the work environment is key to successful employment outcomes for people in recovery. Resources to make integration possible are listed below.


Video Resources for Employers

Through these video resources, employers may learn how employing consumers may be beneficial to the company as a whole.


Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Stigma associated with psychiatric disabilities can create a discriminator work environment for people in recovery. This newsletter discusses types of discrimination & how they impact an employee.


PDF: Why I Hired an Executive with a Mental Illness

Throughout this article from the Harvard Business Review, Rob Lachenauer discusses what he learned from interviewing & hiring an individual with a mental illness.


PDF: Understanding Psychiatric Disabilities

In his paper, Bruce Sanders explains why it’s important for employers & human resources professionals to understand employees with psychiatric disabilities, & how that understanding can benefit all parties involved.


PDF: Workplace Warriors – The Corporate Response to Deployment & Reintegration

The largest deployment of civilian soldiers since World War II has created a new type of employee: The “workplace warrior,” returning from military deployment with the Reserves or National Guard. This paper overviews some of the best ways to support these individuals to promote their reintegration into the workplace.


Mental Illness & the Workplace: Lifting the Stigma

This page discusses mental illness myths & how supervisors can help an employee recovering from mental illness feel more comfortable in the workplace.


PDF: Create a Stigma-Free Workplace

This list offers a brief how-to on making your workplace a stigma-free safe zone for those with mental illness.


Recovery at Work

America in Recovery, a nonprofit organization, provides a no-cost way for job-seekers with a history of substance abuse & employers to interact about job opportunities.


Enhancing Workplace Inclusion for Employees with Psychiatric Disabilities

The guide includes a description of a six step process for organizations, looking to create an internal mechanism that  targets behaviors which discriminate against individuals with psychiatric disabilities & resolve them successfully for all employees to create a more inclusive environment.